The Dream Big Tech Academy’s mission is to enhance the intellectual comprehension of technology to empower today’s society through fundamental knowledge of science, arts, and math.

DB Tech Academy provides tools, resources, and knowledge to solve problems in everyday life.

Key aspects of the Academy includes:

Critical Thinking • Problem Solving Skills • Hands on Experience • Leadership • Teamwork

The DB Coding focuses on educating the community in the numerous programming languages through hands-on training and courses that provide and teach the fundamentals of coding.

DB Coding serves students in 7th through 12th grades.

Goals | Objectives

1. Education: The Dream Big Tech Academy provides a curriculum that allows students to grow their knowledge throughout a 6-12 week program. These programs will include the fundamentals of HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, and Java.

2. Certifications: By the end of each course, students will have the knowledge and will be capable of passing and receiving a certification in the material that is covered.


Each course will meet twice per week for the duration of 75 minutes. 5-10 students required to begin course.

HTML CSS | JavaScript |  SQL | PHP | Python | Java

(Extras)  Bootstrap C# Native iOS Native Android

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