The Dream Big Sports Academy’s mission is to provide an elite sports program that empowers athletes to reach their full potential while developing skills that fosters character development and leadership.

Key aspects of the Academy includes:

Building Character • Increasing confidence • Sportsmanship • Respect •  Mental Toughness • Leadership • Teamwork • Promoting a sense of community

DB Hoops aims to educate athletes on the fundamentals of basketball while emphasizing training through skills, agility, strength and conditioning.

DB Hoops serves athletes from 3rd through 8th grades.

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1. Skills Training: Offensive Fundamentals, Defensive Fundamentals, Ball Handling, Shooting, Dribbling, IQ, Individual Moves, etc.

2. Agility: Speed, Acceleration, Quickness, Deceleration, Change of Speed, Change of Direction, Footwork, Flexibility, Reflexes, etc.

3. Strength & Conditioning: Physical performance, Endurance, Stamina, Plyometrics, Stability, Weight Lifting, Repetition, etc.



Each session duration is 1 hour unless noted otherwise.

Group Trainings and Training Packages will be determined by the number of sessions per week and the number of students per session. Multiple training sessions per week allows the athlete to choose between the training options listed above.

🏀 1 Session per week: 🏀 2 Session per week: 🏀 3 Session per week: 🏀 4 Session per week:

🏀 2 Athletes: 🏀 3 Athletes: 🏀 4 Athletes:

Team Training (2 hour Sessions)
🏀 5-8 Athletes: 🏀 10-15 Athletes:

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