Behind the Dream

The Dream Starts With You!

Nehemiah Horace

In 2017, I had the vision to build a platform that would give children the opportunity and resources to succeed. Many children are driven with aspirations of being the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, or the next big household name, but lack the resources and guidance for them to understand where to begin.

Thinking back over my childhood, in the small town of Phenix City, Alabama, I experienced first hand the lack of tools and resources to aid me in following my dreams. My parents instilled in me that getting an education is key.

Through hard work and perseverance, a young man could push through and be more than just the norm. I remained devoted in my journey and learned from famous leaders I admired which continued to fuel my fire; that it’s not where you start or where you come from but more importantly about the lives you impact along the way.

Dream Big Sports Academy

Basketball has always been a passion of mine and has been a constant in my life growing up. I stayed close to the sport and had the opportunity to coach and train a diverse group of children.

Dream Big Tech Academy

Over time, I have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring Carver High School students at Miles College through The Yard: Cohort program.

Two of the students from the program were selected for internships. Through this internship, they were given the opportunity and hands on experience to learn the fundamentals of coding.

During this program, I saw how passionate and excited these students were to gain more knowledge in a short period of time. This was a stepping stone for me to continue to share my talent and impact more of the community.

The Dream Big Center, Incorporated , an organization that will accomplish every aspect of the vision that motivates me to lead by example through Empowerment, Service, Leadership, Education, and Excellence. The Dream Big Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on serving and empowering the community to reach new heights through promotion of excellence and leadership. We aim to provide programs and resources that promote accelerated learning for active dreamers in today’s society to achieve success. These core values will be accomplished through three academies: Dream Big Sports Academy, Dream Big Tech Academy, and Dream Big Leadership Academy.

No matter where you come from or where you start…the Dream starts with you!